Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Random Thoughts

I have always had a lot of ideas about general life and sports, but I am finally able to share my thoughts with the world thanks to blogging. The information age is putting everyone’s ideas out there and changing the world as we know it.
So now that the Celtics and Bruins are out of the playoffs I have some thoughts. Let’s start with the Celtics. I believe that Ainge is finally content with the team he has, and they will build around a nucleus of Pierce and Wally. The Celtics have some young players that in time should develop into very respectable players. I am from Boston so I am extremely optimistic, but I feel that Pierce is good enough to lead us to success in the future.
The Bruins on the other hand are a wreck. They have the cheapest owner in professional sports, keep trading away their superstars and still expect to sell out every night. I love hockey, Boston loves hockey but unless they have a GM and an owner who put winning as the first priority there will be more rough years in Boston.


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