Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Opening Day at Fenway

Well the Sox are 6-1, first in the major leagues. The Yankees also referred to as the "Evil Empire" are three games behind us. Today was opening day at Fenway, which I always thought should be changed to a holiday so everyone can watch the game. Being in Indiana, I did not get to see the game but they beat Toronto 5-3. The rookie Adam Stern who is currently playing for the injured Coco Crisp had a great game. Beckett started off having some trouble in the first inning. He pitched 36 pitches and walked 3. He was able to settle down by pitching seven innings and only allowing 1 earned run. I am getting pumped. Beckett and Schilling are looking great; the new guys in the infield are also looking good. It is a long season, but hopefully more success will be in the near future. GO SOX!


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